Welcome to Serpent’s Watch

This is a player owned town within Novia and located just south-west of Brittany.  It is also home to the Serpent’s Watch Ale Brewery and the Aerist Guild.  The town has proven to be quite popular since final wipe and we are nearing capacity for Village lots!  


The Serpent's Watch INN!

Town Residents so far!

Woftam, Peabo, Hylax, Nataurs, Cozz, Jasmine Cloudfire, Reds, Pieter, Eclipse Maiden, Justyn, Selene Noctua, Tyde, Elryin Silverthorn, Storm, Amra Sushiful,  Equinox Stargazer, Forza Wind, Royal Sante, Draugur, Nytus, Valeric, Sedyt. Parson Barr, Wannabe Willy, Emma Stillwater

We Need your help! - Raised $20

As our Mountain Home continues to grow, we are constantly looking for ways to improve it.  We recently upgraded to Town and are now setting our sites on becoming a City.  We are grateful for any and all donations.  All proceeds will be used in the upgrading of our town.

NEWS - Introducing our

Gustball Team

Serpent's Watch have their very own Gustball Team - The Titanic Jiras!

The team were the winners of the first preliminary match held by the Virtue League recently and are signing up for the next!  Members include Draugur, Peabo and Eclipse Maiden.  Please show our team your support!  GO Titanic Jiras!!